Professional Work, Publications & Presentations

“Let It Break”; an essay on Healthcare Provider Demoralization during COVID-19, written with my colleagues BJ Miller MD, Shirley Otis-Green, MSW, MA and Bridget Sumser, MSW

Interview in Huffpost about Pandemic Grief

Interview in Discover Magazine about Continuing Bonds and Nostalgia

Interview in Vox about Survivor’s Guilt

Interview on TheHealthy about Disenfranchised Grief and Anticipatory Grief

Introductory Guide: Chronic Illness and Mental Health on ChoosingTherapy, written with my colleague Jessica LaFlam, MSW

Presentations: Academic Medical Centers, National Conferences & Community Organizations

Publications: Academic Publications and online writing

Certifications & Credentials

Faculty – Higher Education Instruction


Consulting Work

Bloggingheads/MeaningofLife -podcast interview about death anxiety

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