Therapy for Grief, Chronic Illness & Caregiving

Helping People Cope with the Impacts of Medical Issues

Dr. Abigail Nathanson (she/hers) is a New York City-based licensed psychotherapist, board-certified palliative social worker and co-author of the forthcoming book “The Practice of Clinical Social Work in Healthcare” from Springer Press.

As quoted in: New York Times, Huffpost, Vox, Discover Magazine, Reader’s Digest, MSN, and more

Hear Dr. Nathanson on NPR’s Weekend Edition, speaking about COVID Survivor’s Guilt

Why Specialized Therapy for Grief, Illness & Caregiving?

While illness and grief are universal, our own unique experiences drive how we understand them, what patterns and meaning we recognize within them, and how we integrate them into the rest of our lives. 

Whether your “new normal” is an illness, caregiving or bereavement, or working in healthcare during COVID, you have a lot to wrap your head around. It can overwhelm all of the ways you knew how to be in the world before. The impacts on how you feel, how you act, and how you relate can be immense. While family and friends often try to help, many people find that specialized trauma-informed therapy offers a level of additional support during challenging times.

Mourning is more than the stages of grief and chronic illness is more than just being sick.

Navigating these existential, practical, and emotional experiences demands courage and sensitivity at times when you may already be feeling overwhelmed. My goal is to bring you a warm, flexible, non-judgmental space informed by extensive experience in healthcare and the latest in evidence-based approaches to help you cope and heal.